Covid-19 testing and your Scheme

The best way to test for COVID-19 is through a PCR test. However, a second test - called an antigen test - provides a faster, relatively cheap and alternative form of testing.


PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests (R850) - the gold standard for testing, as it is the most sensitive (high chance of picking up an infection when it is present in your body).

Results take from 24 to 48 hours. Recommended for people who have symptoms of COVID-19, travellers and patients requiring hospital admission.

PCR testing is covered by MHC from risk if positive. It is important to note that if a pharmacy submits a PCR claim it will be rejected as there is no tariff code available for the test at a Pharmacy. PCR claims submitted by the laboratory will

be accepted and assessed as per the benefits/COVID 19 mandate.


Antigen tests (R350) - an important alternative to PCR tests

  • Useful in identifying people who have already had a COVID-19 infection and may no longer be infectious
  • NOT used to diagnose an active (current) COVID-19 infection
  • Provide results within 60 minutes


Moto Health Care only covers Covid Antigen tests in specific PMB and other clinical scenarios, such as

  • triaging in a casualty environment,
  • for non-elective maternity admissions
  •  prior to transfer to another facility.


Anti- body tests (R150) which MHC does not cover, as this is usually included in clinical trials and research purposes.


Benefits per option:


OPTION PCR test (R850) at a laboratory with a positive result PCR test (R850) at a laboratory with a negative result Antigen (R350) or Anti-body (R150) test with a positive or negative result (unless for specific scenarios as indicated above)


Paid Not covered Not covered


Paid Not covered Not covered
Hospicare & Hospicare Network


Paid Not covered Not covered
Classic and Classic Network


Paid Paid from available savings Not covered


Paid Paid from Day to day benefits available Not covered


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