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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1st Oct 2018

It is significant because there is great need to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment. The incidence of breast cancer among South African women is increasing and it is one of the most common cancers among women in South Africa. Although it predominantly affects woman, it…

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Child immunisation

Moto Health Care MHC Baby

Department of Health Immunisation Schedule for children

22nd Oct 2018

MHC BABY – Taking Care of Our Own Children are vulnerable to catching certain illnesses from the moment they are born, so it’s up to you to make sure that they are immunised against certain childhood diseases. By immunising your child, you are protecting them from certain life-threatening diseases and helping to build their immune…

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Life Programme

Your Guide to Living Positively

13th Nov 2023

Your Life Programme Our healthcare professionals who run this programme are experts in the management of HIV and will provide you with all the support and information you need.

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