Emergency Services

Moto Health Care europe-assistance

The Scheme has a contract with Europ Assistance to provide emergency medical services to members of the Scheme.

When you call 0861 009 353, the emergency operations centre will assign an ambulance to the incident.

Emergency medical services include:

  • Access to a 24-Hour emergency medical assistance contact centre.
  • Assisted by medically trained and registered agents with the HPCSA.
  • Immediate dispatch of emergency medical services in order to provide lifesaving assistance.
  • Constant monitoring of the incident untill ambulance provider has transferred the member to the hospital.
  • Emergency pre-arrival instructions provided by agents e.g. CPR.

Emergency transportation by air or road ambulance depending on the plan you choose.

The procedure you should follow is:

  1. Dial 0861 009 353.
  2. Give your name and the telephone number that you are calling from.
  3. Provide a brief description of what has happened and how serious the situation is.
  4. Provide the address or location of the incident to help paramedics get there.
  5. Do not put down the phone until the person on the other side has disconnected the call.

Important Points:

Please ensure that all your registered dependants are aware of this service.

Inform your child’s school that he/she is your dependant on the Scheme and make sure your child and the school is aware of the emergency medical service number.