Introducing ER made EASY via Health Maximiser for Classic, Classic Network and Optimum members, ER made EASY is an initiative that offers all beneficiaries, regardless of their age, free emergency medical cover when you need it the most. Each beneficiary will have direct access to a hospital’s Emergency Room (ER) for medical treatment in emergency situations.

Up until now, this payment was made from the savings/day-to-day benefit (where applicable). If a Member’s savings/day-to-day benefits are exhausted, then the amount will be payable by the Member. With ER made EASY this is no longer the case. Even if the Member doesn’t have normal benefits available, the cost of the ER visit will be covered up to a maximum of R1 000. MHC offers one emergency visit per beneficiary per annum, members need to pay upfront for services and, if the incident meets the emergency criteria/protocol, a maximum of R1 000 will be reimbursed.

These emergency circumstances may include:

  • Sport injuries
  • Playground accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Assault