Complement your Cover with HealthSaver

You can use additional complementary products to seamlessly enhance your medical aid. Save for additional medical expenses with HealthSaver. HealthSaver lets you save for additional day-to-day medical expenses, such as co payments, exclusions and more.

Note: All Moto Health Care members qualify for this product which is regulated outside the Scheme benefits and Rules. The cost for this product is excluded from the MHC monthly contribution. Members interested in the product must sign up directly. Refer to contact details.

Essential option members can access the benefits below when referred by a primary care provider:

  • Cholesterol tests
  • Blood glucose testing
  • TB screening
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Breast examination via ultrasound

These tests and consultations do not affect your day-to-day benefits as they are paid from the Screening and Prevention Benefit.

Wellness days

You can now benefit from the opportunity to be screened for existing and potential health risks at your workplace. Our aim is to help you detect health risks early, so that you can prevent or reduce the impact of a disease.

Screening tests

Before getting tested you will need to fill out a medical history questionnaire, which will give the healthcare professional information about your health risks. The following tests are performed at wellness screening sessions:

Moto Health Care Blood pressure

Blood pressure check

Moto Health Care Weight

Weight and height, with body mass index (BMI)

Moto Health Care Medication

Blood sugar and cholesterol (one finger prick required)

Moto Health Care Slimming

Waist circumference

Counselling and Information

If the questionnaire or tests show that you are at risk of health conditions, the healthcare professional will provide counselling and advice on the day of the assessment. Information will be shared on the steps you can take to prevent or reduce your health risks. You will also receive brochures on topics such as smoking, exercise and weight management, and may be contacted by one of our Wellness or Lifestyle Coaches.